The Ultimate Home Seller’s Step-By-Step Guide

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When you prepare to place your home on the market for sale it becomes a product. Just like any product on the shelves at your local store it has features & benefits, pluses & minuses, and there are other products to compare yours to. To gain an edge in your marketplace you must be priced right and look better than the competition. Sometimes it is difficult to think of your home as a mere product, but it helps to think that way so that you can get top dollar for your property and sell in a reasonable amount of time. When you sell your home, you are going to have to move. When you move, you are going to have to pack. Most of the principles of staging just mean that you are going to pack up some of your things early. It is a little bit of work, but you are going to have to do it anywayso let’s do it now so that you can get top dollar for your property.

In 15 Seconds… YOUR HOME WILL MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION People make snap decisions in new situations. This is especially true during a showing of a home they are considering. In preparing your home for the market, we need to put this trait of human nature to work for us. Your home needs to make an impression such that the snap judgments of potential buyers are favorable. During the showing, the buyer will make judgments about your home as they view it through the “lens” formed in that first 15 seconds. Remember, people judge what they cannot see by what they can see. There is so much of what a home has to offer that you cannot see. So we need to make sure that what can be seen is presented perfectly. That’s the purpose behind this booklet.

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